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Connor Lane

Director of Marketing

Connor has been obsessed with learning how things work since he was 5 years old. While it may have started with Discovery Channel documentaries on how to make vacuum cleaners, his fascination quickly moved to understanding why people do what they do. The idea that sometimes all it takes for someone to make a choice is making something a certain color or tone enthralled him. 

More About Connor

Ever since the day he asked his mom why they bought Tide over Gain, marketing has had a hold on him. He furthered his journey into the marketing world by studying color theory, psychology, marketing and graphic design all throughout high school and through his time at the University of Arkansas. 

There, his focus began with his entrance into the School of Journalism and Strategic Media in the Fulbright College. He soon made his way to working with ESPN and SEC Network on national broadcasts – while he also worked as the Sports Editor and Lead Sports Designer for the Arkansas Traveler Newspaper. He did internships, became an award-winning (and award-losing) journalist, attended lectures, and did everything that he could to get his hyper-focused mentality to stand out — and it worked! Since graduating what feels like ages ago, he has helped doctors show their true colors through storytelling and helped non-profits excel amidst a global pandemic. He has had experience with every facet that makes a business run. He’s done great work with great people on the business development, content strategy, creative, community engagement and event marketing sides.

With Merel Family Law, Connor is proud to say that he represents the most trusted law firm in all of Chicagoland, and he can’t wait to see how it grows and continues to help the families that make up his community. Branding is hard work, but much less so when the people who make up the brand are of such high quality.


University of Arkansas


  • Arkansas Alumni Association
  • Legal Marketing Association

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