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Melissa Caballero Dunn

Managing Partner

To clients, Melissa Caballero Dunn is “the best” and a “rare” family attorney. To our firm, she is the engine that keeps us running a smooth operation. As Managing Partner, Merel Family Law relies on Melissa to know what’s around every corner. You can trust her to do the same for your case.

More About Melissa

She is compassionate and articulate; dozens of 5-star reviews confirm her work representing clients in family law matters. Certified mediator, award-winning, and trained in collaborative divorce, she’s also appointed by judges to represent the interests of minor children in custody disputes. This year, she was named a member of the illustrious Forty Under 40 class of 2023 – a peer-reviewed selection of the finest young attorneys in Chicago.

Simply put, peers respect her, judges appoint her—and clients pick her. Melissa’s breadth and depth of knowledge of divorce and family law are impressive, but it’s not her most important skill. What clients appreciate even more is something unspoken: the ability to understand what they’re going through and help them see a clear path forward.

You won’t find a lawyer who is a more versatile practitioner of family law. Of course, her expertise and compelling arguments help her win cases. But what sets her apart is her emotional intelligence and ability to be empathetic and strong enough to provide clients relief from the stress of arguing for their rights as well as a savvy defense against aggressive opponents.

Melissa Caballero Dunn is a litigator who will help you get through what might seem like an insurmountable obstacle while focusing on the potential of your future, not the pain of the past.

As the Managing Partner at our firm and working as your attorney, she has an opportunity to see the legal space from every angle. One of her core beliefs is equity for all. She does not accept the inequity that sometimes happens within the nuances of the law.

She has extensive knowledge of family law issues, including divorce and custody disputes, child support payments, alimony matters, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence cases, adoption proceedings and other types of family disputes. Melissa practices exclusively in family law and has done so since 2008.


Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bar Affiliations

  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Chicago Bar Association

Juris Doctorate

Chicago-Kent College of Law

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